Digital ready interface options support wider variety of high-voltage power supply applications

December 04, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
UltraVolt, Inc., has introduced the –I5 and –I10 enhanced interface options on two additional product lines and in conjunction with another option. The additional product lines and option include the A Series, 10A-25A Series, and the F Option.

Initially, UltraVolt offered the –I5 and –I10 options on only the AA Series and High Power C Series. In continuing to fulfil the needs of its customers, UltraVolt now offers these interface options on higher voltage modules (10A-25A Series), low ripple modules (F Option), and standard high voltage biasing supplies where size is not a vital requirement (A Series).

The enhanced interface options are optimized for an even wider variety of applications including scanning electron microscopes (SEM), particle accelerators, channel electron multipliers, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, plasma, PZT, and detectors.

The –I5 and –I10 interface options’ functionality remains the same, which are ideal for use by the majority of high-voltage power supply design engineers since it simplifies their design process. UltraVolt plans to offer the options on additional product lines in the coming months.

More information about the –I5 Option and –I10 Option at