Direct display drive for consumer products, from flash MCU with onboard LED/LCD outputs

January 02, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
Holtek Semiconductor has introduced a Flash MCU with LCD/LED Driver which includes fully integrated LCD and LED driver circuits that can directly drive display panels and eliminate the need for large number of external components.

The HT69F240 includes 4 kwords of flash program memory, 256 bytes of data RAM, 64 bytes of data EEPROM and an 8-level stack. Peripheral functions include multifunctional timer modules, external interrupts, I 2C and UART interfaces, and internal and external high accuracy oscillators. The device can use its communication interfaces to work together with other master devices as part of an overall system. With this wide range of integrated and versatile functions, users have at hand a highly functional device with which to easily develop their small household appliance products.

Holtek supports the HT69F240 with hardware and software development tools. The hardware development tool is the e-Link which works together with an OCDS structured evaluation MCU, providing users with an actual device with which full emulation and debug can be implemented. The software development tool is the HT-IDE3000, which includes features such as real time emulation, full memory and register access, hardware breakpoints complete with logical setups, and trace analysis. The range of development tools ensure that designers have all the resources at hand to provide for rapid and efficient design and debug of their microcontroller based new product applications.