DirectX12 smooths CPU/GPU interaction, boosts graphics performance

August 28, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
AMD has issued a slide presentation on the DirectX 12 Graphics API. The presentation is intended for advanced game developers but may be of interest to others working in high-performance graphics or, perhaps, those looking to achieve high-performance computing using the CPU/GPU combination to maximum effect.

The problem that requires to be solved (or one such problem) is, AMD asserts, that “modern CPUs [are] unable to keep up with performance growth of graphics cards: the API/driver overhead [is a] serious problem: and that developers want direct hardware access to recover performance lost or obscured by past graphics APIs.”

GPUs (graphics processing units) have very large latent power; CPUs have gone multi-core; but the communication between the two requires updating. DirectX 12 is termed a “Console-like API for PC Graphics” that will enable better use of multi-core CPUs and reduce the bottleneck that results from the graphics driver being forced to run on only one core at a time.

Other topics covered include asynchronous shading, which parallelises the compute tasks and improves, for example, VR (virtual reality) results: and more detailed control of the GPU’s resources.

Download the presentation  here; it is a 6 MB pdf.