Disneyland contracts Osram for lighting reforms

October 01, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Disneyland Europe operator company Euro Disney Associés and lighting systems manufacturer Osram AG have closed a strategic alliance, making Osram the exclusive provider for lighting systems to Euro Disney over the next five years. The move is part of Disney's intention to improve energy efficiency, one of the company's seven long-term goals.

An important building block to better its overall energy efficiency refers to lighting. Disney said it intends to change lighting behaviours and replace existing lighting solutions by more efficient technologies. In this context, Disney contracted Osram as its strategic partner. "Euro "Disney operates many attractions and rides equipped with conventional lighting", an Osram spokesperson said. "Over time, they plan to replace them with more efficient systems, in particular with LED systems." In addition, Osram expects to provide intelligent lighting control systems that will help to further reduce power consumption.

With more than 15 million tourists per year, Euro Disney claims to be Europe's major tourist attraction.