Distributor Avnet Memec sets sights on IoT market

April 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Avnet Memec has implemented a strategy to provide a co-ordinated service for developers of products for the “Internet of Things”, placing it at the centre of its growth plans and addressing, “a market heading towards amazing numbers”.

The Avnet Memec commitment to this sector is to make Internet of Things available to its clients, selecting not just chip manufacturers but also partners able to provide software, products and services for private and public networks. The intention is to offer IoT solutions with a complete ecosystem and solutions approach, not just single function semiconductor devices.

The Internet of Things, the company notes, is more than machine-to-machine: M2M is a subset of what IoT will be – Avnet cites estimates that suggest that by 2020, 39% of the 23 billion web-connected devices will be IoT solutions, far higher than mobile phones and devices. Industrial and consumer sectors will play lead roles in this explosive growth, guaranteeing IoT applications a base for more solid, pervasive growth. According to analysts, factors favouring the diffusion of IoT systems include the availability of low consumption technologies, reduction in the size and cost of components, and how easy it is to implement the new projects.

IoT projects are characterised, in the company’s view, by being closed networks that are nevertheless connected to the Internet; in Avnet’s view, IoT applications do not always have a “big data” component but the company believes it can also serve those that do. “Smart sensing”, however, is a particular focus that is key, and one that the distributor says it can service off-the-shelf. In terms of vertical sectors, Avnet Memec will be concentrating on industrial IoT applications, and can address their end-to-end needs in areas such as energy monitoring, and in connectivity – including those of security.

Besides offering products and solutions, the strategic Avnet Memec approach places considerable importance on the basic technologies and application contexts of the IoT concept; the company believes it has first-tier suppliers for all of the elements needed to build systems for, for example, “smart city” applications, integrating energy distribution networks and mobility solutions, buildings and intelligent public services.

Avnet Memec currently offers