Distributor bundles Raspberry Pi with Matlab/Simulink Student edition

August 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Farnell element14 is listing a package that puts together MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite software with a complete starter kit of Raspberry Pi hardware.

The MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite – Raspberry Pi Bundle includes the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit and the MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite from MathWorks, allowing the student or self learner to start a project with model-based block diagrams on the Raspberry Pi 2 using the same tools commercial engineers and scientists use every day.

Claire Doyle, Global Head of Raspberry Pi at element14, distributor of the credit-card sized computer, said “Learning programming is the number one priority for Raspberry Pi users. Among students Raspberry Pi is our most popular single board computer so creating this bundle "Learn to Program Pack with MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite" makes it much easier for students to get started.”

Using the MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite – Raspberry Pi Bundle, students can create projects on the Raspberry Pi 2 in three steps :

Describe your system in a graphical block diagram in Simulink.

Simulate your system to test and debug it. Analyse it with MATLAB.

Generate the embedded code automatically from Simulink and install it on the Raspberry Pi 2.

The bundle is ready to use, out of the box, as it includes Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, Pi 2 SD Card, 2A power supply, Hammond clear case, starter guide and MATLAB, Simulink and 10 add-on products. The 10 add-on products include toolboxes for control systems, data acquisition, DSP systems, image processing, instrument control, optimisation, signal processing, statistics and machine learning and symbolic math. Hardware support packages for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and others are available free.

The MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite brings professional grade tools for Model-Based Design to the student, maker and non-commercial audience to model simulate and analyse projects in software and create more complex projects with no knowledge of traditional programming required.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is the latest and highest spec variant of the Raspberry Pi and is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ accessories and