Distributor Farnell element14 backs 3D print kickstarter project Robox

November 27, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Farnell element14 is now stocking Robox' 3D printer. Retailing for £849.90 (UK Pounds, or equivalent), the unit features a proprietary dual-head print nozzle design for improved print speeds which is up to three times as fast as competing printers, according to the distributor.

One nozzle is designed to print in detail, while the other is able to 'fill in’ larger areas at much higher speeds. The Robox’s needle-valve system stops ‘ooze’ and ‘stringing’ from the nozzles, ensuring speed and quality. The Robox can print super-fine 0.02-mm layers. Robox users can also pause a print part-way through and swap out the filament being used – allowing for multi-colour 3D printing.

A proprietary bed probing mechanism automatically detects and corrects the gantry to ensure it is always parallel and the first layer of whatever is being printed adheres evenly; the bed itself is made from a material which adheres to the hot plastic while a print is taking place, but allows the user to ‘pop’ the printed object off when the plastic it is made of cools and shrinks slightly post-print.

Embedded chips on the rolls of filament let the printer know exactly what material it’s working with; a closed-feedback loop and dual-pinch-wheel extrusion system makes sure that the filament is fed to the print-head evenly.

Shipping with easy-to-use software, the Robox has space for a second extruder that will eventually allow dual-colour printing and/or the ability to print with different materials simultaneously.

Farnell; www.premierfarnell.com