DLP LightCrafter development system for 1080p pico displays

June 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments’ Display 4710 evaluation module and supporting ecosystem comprise an evaluation module, optical modules and reference designs to help developers quickly incorporate bright, efficient full-HD projection in compact electronics

The evaluation module (EVM) is a developer tool that allows quick assessment of the DLP Pico 0.47-in. TRP Full-HD 1080p display chipset. Example applications include digital signage, mobile projectors (battery and AC-powered), screenless TVs, control panels, interactive displays, and wearables such as head-mounted displays (HMD).

Features include;

- Rapid assessment of the smallest DLP Full-HD chipset – the 0.47-inch TRP Full-HD 1080p chipset – capable of generating bright, power-efficient full-HD displays from small-form-factor electronics.

- Mini High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) offers plug-and-play functionality with various computing devices.

- A simple-to-use micro-USB-based graphical user interface (GUI) allows for real-time chipset evaluation to assess features and peripherals.

- Equipped with a production-quality optical engine to speed the product development cycle.

A TI Designs reference design, Full-HD Projection Display using DLP Pico technology, is available for download, consisting of a system block diagram, schematics, board design files, test data and optical engine specifications.

The chipset contained in this EVM includes the DLP4710 digital micromirror device. Other components in the chipset are the DLPC3439, available in a 201-pin very fine ball grid array (VFBGA) package; and the DLPA3005, offered in a 100-pin thermally enhanced thin quad flat pack (HTQFP) package. A video is here.

TI; www.ti.com/4710evm