DMOS, HV transistor arrays with integrated data storage

February 08, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
From Toshiba Electronics Europe, this transistor array is designed for applications such as LED lighting and industrial, high-voltage signal transmitters. The TBD62089APG incorporates 8-bit, D-type flip flop circuits that support a data storage function. Integrated high-voltage, high-current outputs save board space and cut power loss.

The TBD62089APG integrates the D-type flip flop circuits with Toshiba’s TBD62083APG 8-channel sink output type transistor array on a single chip. In a DIP20 package, the IC also features a DMOS FET sink output that supports the high-efficiency driving of high-voltages and large-currents up to 50V and 0.5A respectively. Power loss is reduced by about 40% at 25C ambient and output current of 200 mA, compared with the preceding TD62083A series. Operating as an output load, the TBD62089APG is suitable for driving resistive and capacitive loads including LEDs and photocouplers.


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