Dolphin Integration offers uprated, 8051-architecture IP core for SoCs

April 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Dolphin Integration’s 32-bit microcontroller core is derived from the 80x51 family: Flip80351 Zephyr, together with its innovative IDE, named SmartVision, is aimed at innovation for low-power and high-density solutions.

This new microcontroller core based on a reduced instruction set (RISC) offers the possibility to:

- Select a 32-bit core adapted to the application performance requirements with ultra high code density and very low power consumption

- Optimise the MCU subsystem thanks to SmartVision (integrated development environment) which allows you to model and import descriptions of peripherals for a complete subsystem simulation of the application software with its peripherals

Zephyr features the ability to add a low power cache controller, R-Stratus-LP, to improve flash memory access time and drastically reduce power consumption.

Dolphin Integration;