Driver supplies and dims four independent LED channels

December 07, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Energy-saving techniques these days are in high demand. Lighting company dilitronics now has developed a DALI compatible 4-channel LED driver which enables energy-saving controlling and dimming of four individual LED channels with a total output of up to 126 W.

The LED driver driveDOT4 is part of the new driver generation developed by dilitronics, allowing operation of LED modules with two different forward voltages. As a constant-current driver, the driveDOT4 is able to dim from 1 to 100 percent without changing the colour point. Thanks to the DALI interface, the driveDOT4 can be integrated into existing illumination and building management systems.

With the installation of the 4-channel LED driver driveDOT4, manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lamps also benefit from economic retrofitting of multiflame LED lamps to dimmable DALI lamps. Each of the four channels corresponds to a DALI device which can be controlled and dimmed independently of the others, the company said.

With the driveDOT4, dilitronics offers lamp manufacturers an LED driver that can be controlled via DALI. Apart from this, the driver also offers installers and architects new options of light design, both indoors and outdoors.

The driveDOT4 as well as further dilitronics products like LED components and LED lighting systems are now also available in the dilitronics online. 

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