Drop-in display system offers ease-of-use

November 06, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
4D Systems has announced a technology partnership with FTDI Chip that has resulted in the development of a highly advanced intelligent SPI display offering, based on FTDI Chip’s FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE).

The 4DLCD-FT843 product enables system designers to rapidly create high quality human-machine interfaces (HMIs). It includes a 4.3-in. TFT display (with 480 x 272 pixel resolution), PWM audio output (with amplifier enable), a 64 voice polyphonic sound synthesiser, a 4-wire resistive touch screen, all integrated on a flexible ribbon connector. The product was designed so that it can be easily incorporated into current systems via an SPI interface, where the FT800 acts like an SPI peripheral. As the display, audio and touch functionality is executed by the FT800, the specified system host can be a low bandwidth, low cost 8 or 16 bit microcontroller unit.

“Working with 4D Systems, a well-known, highly respected player in the display sector, provides fantastic exposure and innovation opportunities for both companies as we look to bring creative display products to the market,” Fred Dart, CEO and Founder of FTDI Chip commented. “The 4DLCD-FT843 is a highly optimised product for integrating intelligent displays into end product systems, and the combination of 4D Systems and FTDI Chip’s capabilities provide a highly effective graphic solution at an attractive price point.”

"As a new addition to the existing 4D Systems range, the 4DLCD-FT843 features an all in one display with audio and touch, powered by the new FTDI FT800 virtual engine chip," noted Atilla Aknar, CEO of 4D Systems. “The capability to work with a variety of microcontroller hosts provides for wide display implementation, allowing this product to deliver fast feature packed graphics for many applications.”

Pricing starts at $49.00.

4D Systems; www.4dsystems.com.au/product/14/134/LCD_Displays/4DLCD_FT843

FTDI Chip; www.ftdichip.com