Dual 375 nanoamp op amp with independent shutdowns

May 03, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Despite the very many op amps available on the market, configurable-mixed-signal-IC maker Silego configured one more; an amplifier that among other uses is specifically suited as a high performance front end for Silego’s GPAK Mixed signal array products.

SLG88101 is a dual operational amplifier with independent shutdowns; it pairs with Silego’s ultra-low power GPAK mixed-signal matrix products, in configurations such as enabling the GPAK5, which has a zero static power and zero code asynchronous state machine, to make decisions from the analogue signals received from the SLG88101 and issue digital commands while consuming less than a combined total of 1 µA.


Achieving low power applications specifications is possible in the “always on” mode, with 375 nA typical current consumption per channel when active. The user also has the option of using pulsed power techniques with the two independent op amp shutdown pins, to achieve even lower power consumption targets.


Nanopower amplifiers, Silego says, are usually very slow but the SLG88101 achieves a gain-bandwidth product of 18 kHz typical, with an open loop gain over 100 dB. Voltage offset of 400 µV typical allows for high gain applications while mitigating dynamic range issues.


The SLG88101 has 10 pins and comes in a proprietary STDFN 2 x 2 mm package with industrial -40 to 85C performance specifications. The GPAK5 measures 2 x 3 mm, therefore an entire system can be realized in a footprint of less than 10 mm². The SLG88101 costs $0.295 (3000). An evaluation board is available, with a footprint for the SLG88101 as well as footprints for 20-pin, 14-pin, and 12-pin GPAK devices to aid in a more complete system evaluation.


SPICE models are also available on the Silego Website at http://www.silego.com/opamp.html


Silego; www.silego.com


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