Dual-core audio-processing SoC targets mobile devices

October 28, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
ON Semiconductor’s high-resolution audio processing SoC has 1656KB SRAM (1.5 MB + 120 kB) and power-efficient hardware acceleration, for designs such as smartphones, wearable accessories and voice recorders; its dual-core architecture with hardware acceleration and available software modules reduces development time, saves board space and boosts battery life

In the LC823450 are an ARM Cortex-M3 core and ON Semiconductor’s 32-bit/192 kHz audio-processing engine with hardware-based MP3 encoding/decoding and wireless-audio support, which boosts performance and power efficiency. Royalty- and license-free DSP code samples are available, which help accelerate software design. These include functions such as noise canceller, and S-Live (Low-frequency Intelligence Virtual Excitation) for enhanced playback of low frequencies.

On-chip SRAM provides the LC823450 with ample memory for audio processing and application tasks without needing a companion memory chip. It integrates audio peripherals, such as an analogue/digital converter, phase-locked loop and class-D amplifier. Industry-standard interfaces such as SPI, I ²C, SDCard and UART are provided.

In a 5.52 x 5.33 mm WLP-154 that reduces footprint by up to 85% over competing solutions, the device is priced at $8.34 (1000) or in a TQFP-128L at $8.00 (450).

ON Semiconductor; www.onsemi.com