eGaN power transistor enables higher precision in pulsed laser drives

February 08, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has introduced a power transistor in its eGaN range, that it says will assist in delivering superior resolution in augmented reality and autonomous vehicle applications, by improving pulsed laser drives in systems such as LiDAR

The EPC2040 eGaN FET offers extremely fast and consistent switching, enabling greater resolution and accuracy in applications dependent upon pulsed laser drivers, which include LiDAR systems used for guidance in 3D sensing in augmented reality systems and autonomous vehicles. EPC2040 is an extremely small, fast switching gallium nitride power transistor that enables superior resolution, faster response time, and greater accuracy in high speed applications. High stability of the threshold over temperature ensures the high stability as the laser heats up.

The low temperature coefficient of the gate threshold of the EPC2040 eGaN FET contributes to enhanced end-use system performance. This feature gives consistent results, thus enabling lower laser diode power and high quality system operation over its entire operating temperature range.

Benefits of using eGaN FETs in augmented reality systems include lower laser diode heat resulting from narrower pulse widths, high efficiency due to lower laser diode driver heat, more compact systems because of the small eGaN FET footprint, and consistent operation because of the EPC2040 is stable with temperature.

EPC2040 power transistors are priced at $0.65 (1000).