Embed RFID tags in PCB substrates & moulded products

September 18, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Murata’s MAGICSTRAP series of RFID tags is designed for PCB (UHF devices) and “smart plastic” creation (HF/NFC types). MAGICSTRAP is a robust miniature RFID tag module that can withstand the injection moulding process and is embeddable into a PCB, protecting it for use over a long lifecycle.

Copying & pasting one of Murata’s free standard patterns into a PCB layout allows use of the ground plane as a tag booster antenna. This eliminates the need for dedicated antenna design, simplifying its use. One tag variant comes with an I²C-interface, so it can be used for software configuration and also as a low cost air interface. Some of the UHF, and all of the HF/NFC, variants come with an integrated antenna, allowing them to be used as ultra-compact tags able to survive severe environments such as injection moulding.

This technology, Murata says, has applications across all areas of electronics, particularly sensor applications, modules, industrial PCs, LED applications, PLCs, factory automation, measurement and test equipment.

The devices will be highlighted at “ RFID Tomorrow ”, an event that takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany, 28 – 29 September 2015.

Murata; www.murata.com