Embedded & application-code debug from Undo Software & Lauterbach

February 05, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Undo Software and Lauterbach have announced a partnership to assist development of embedded systems that combine traditional device level software with application code, such as a graphical user interface on a smart TV.

By integrating Undo’s UndoDB reversible debugging software with Lauterbach’s TRACE32 suite of development tools, companies will be able to debug the entire code stack through a single, intuitive user environment.

The partnership will also enable Lauterbach to target new, non-embedded markets, such as developers of games and mobile apps as it allows use of some of the advanced features of TRACE32 but without the need to use additional embedded debugging hardware when writing user-level application code.

Lauterbach users can now access UndoDB through the TRACE32 GUI, which acts as a debug front-end, providing reversible debugging through Lauterbach’s interface across the entire development process. This extends functionality without needing to change development workflows, thereby improving productivity. Developers will be able to debug C/C++ code on Linux and Android faster, meeting development deadlines and responding quickly to reported bugs.

UndoDB enables developers to record, rewind and replay their code to quickly find critical bugs, increase productivity and meet development deadlines. Its performance is claimed to be several orders of magnitude better than open source solutions in terms of both speed and space overheads.

Lauterbach’s TRACE32 suite provides integrated debug environments for embedded designs. TRACE32 supports all the most common microprocessor architectures in use in the embedded market and is available with dedicated hardware components. Its common user interface and a joint system bus provide a seamless integration of all tools into the debug environment.

“As software spreads into every device we use, we’re seeing a merger between the previously very separate worlds of embedded and application development,” said Greg Law, CEO and co-founder, Undo Software. “Lauterbach has a global reputation for specialised embedded debugging tools, and integrating UndoDB with TRACE32 makes it easier for companies to debug the entire software stack from the same, powerful interface, enabling them to develop innovative products through a unified, faster process.”

“With TRACE32 we have created an integrated debug environment that is used by embedded designers