Embedded GNSS antenna offers high sensitivity for accurate positioning

July 31, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Antenova, maker of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and IoT, has added an embedded GNSS antenna, named ‘Sinica’, which operates on the 1559 – 1609 MHz satellite bands. This antenna uses a novel design approach and new materials to achieve high performance from an ultra low profile antenna.

Sinica is suitable for all positioning applications on the 1559-1609 MHz bands. It operates with all of the public satellite constellations - GPS, GLONASS, Baidou and Gallileo, which means it can provide accurate positioning combined with global coverage. The illustration shows the radiation pattern at 1575 MHz

The Sinica antenna is created from FR4 materials and laminate substrates of selected dielectric constant. It claims a new approach to antenna design, which has enabled the company to create an antenna with the high performance of a ceramic patch antenna, in a low profile part that can be placed neatly within a small printed circuit board. Sinica belongs to the company’s lamiiANT family.

Antenova’s product designers recently introduced the concept of “Design For Integration” (DFI), which considers how the antenna will operate when it is embedded with a manufacturer’s product. Antenova’s antennas are always used within a customer’s design, so they are designed to provide superior RF performance from within the device, and to make the integration of the RF elements easier for the designer.

Antenova; www.antenova-m2m.com