Embedded IoT gateway,in a 17 x 25 mm footprint

March 14, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Lantronix, Inc. has added the xPico 200 family of embedded IoT gateways that measure 17 by 25 mm, to rpvide secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connectivity for smart IoT solutions.

The xPico 200 series will feature enterprise security, networking intelligence, and pre-integration with Lantronix's MACH10 management software platform in a compact footprint that enables the functionality of a powerful IoT device gateway to be integrated into machines not previously practical. With a robust network communications stack, enterprise grade security and ready-to-use IoT management software pre-integrated, the company asserts that the xPico 200 eliminates the complexity of managed IoT connectivity and enable OEMs to accelerate development of their smart connected machines.


Lantronix has also announced the commercial availability of the xPico 110 embedded wired device server module, which allows OEMs to add Ethernet network connectivity into their industrial devices. With Lantronix TruPort Serial technology, an internal web server, and support for standard web service protocols, xPico 110 enables OEMs to focus on value creation from the data obtained from their machines and not the mechanics of data transfer.


Lantronix; www.lantronix.com