Embedded Office offers certification kits for TI Hercules MCUs

February 03, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Embedded Office is now offering its µC/OS-MPU Cert-Kits for the Hercules TMS570LS31x/21x and Hercules RM48 microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments. These ARM-Cortex-R4F-based MCUs include safety features implemented in hardware, which help engineers develop differentiated industrial and automotive functional safety applications.

The Cert-Kits include integration with TI’s HALCoGen tool, offering device-level initialisation and peripheral drivers, and the SafeTI Hercules Diagnostic Library. In addition to the certificate and related documentation, the Cert-Kits also comprise all elements required for creating an executable application. These include the certified source code, various software manuals and a system manual. The Cert-Kit also contains validation software (including reference board support package) and the TÜV certificate pertaining to the type-approval of the pre-certified software component. Upon request, the test environment can also be made available. Optionally, or if a certification requires this, all the certification documents are available upon request. If the hardware programming interface from the Cert-Kits is to be used in the safety-critical project, all the artefacts necessary for a certification are also available.

“Adherence to stringent functional safety standards is increasingly important for customers in a variety of markets, from automotive and transportation to industrial and others,” said Roy Haley, marketing manager, Hercules MCUs, TI. “Embedded Office’s Cert-Kits provide a pre-certified software framework to help ease the certification burden for our customers and help them accelerate time to market.”

Embedded Office (Wangen, Germany) is a specialist in embedded systems with a special focus on safety-critical applications. The company develops software for embedded systems as either turn-key solutions or individual components, and, if required, supports the integration through to certification. Embedded Office’s product portfolio includes a memory protection expansion facility for supplementing the µC/OS-II real-time kernel from Micrium, in addition to a partitioning system, a CANopen slave protocol and starter kits, which enable customers to get started quickly. Embedded Office also offers a µC/OS-MPU Cert-Kit, which, by using the µC/OS-MPU real-time kernel as a pre-certified component, facilitates the development of safety-critical applications and considerably reduces the certification process. The kit is intended for the development of safety-critical devices according to the standards IEC62304 (medical sector), IEC61508 (industrial applications) and EN50128 (railway applications).

Embedded Office; www.embedded-office.de