Embedded solid state NAND-based drives operate over full industrial temperatures

December 18, 2013 // By EDN
Greenliant Systems is now mass producing its eMMC NANDrive embedded solid state drives (SSDs) that operate at full industrial temperatures between -40 and +85C, giving you data storage in a small, ball grid array (BGA) form factor that can withstand the most severe conditions.

All eMMC NANDrive SSDs have the same footprint in a 14 x 18 mm, 100-ball package, with 1mm ball pitch for long-term reliability. GLS85VM devices are compatible with JEDEC eMMC 4.4x and 4.3 standards. Greenliant’s fabless manufacturing operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified and eMMC NANDrive is manufactured in ISO/TS 16949:2009 facilities.

“From industrial computers and sensors to instrumentation and automotive systems, eMMC has been rapidly adopted by Intel Bay Trail and a growing number of ARM-based platforms,” claims Nobu Higuchi, Greenliant's vice president of application engineering and product marketing.

Based on Greenliant’s internally-developed NAND controller, eMMC NANDrive has advanced wear-leveling, bad block management and error correction code (ECC) capabilities to significantly extend the life of the product. It also includes power interrupt data protection and enhanced security features to safeguard sensitive data. NANDrive is available with 2-bits-per-cell (MLC) or 1-bit-per-cell (SLC) NAND to meet varying customer requirements for lifespan, endurance and performance.

Capacities currently listed are from 512 Mbyte to 128 Gbyte.

Greenliant; www.NANDrive.com / www.greenliant.com