Embedded System Access for 3rd-party tools in Goepel's JTAG platform

May 01, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Embedded System Access for 3rd-party tools in Goepel's JTAG platform

The solution enables external tools to directly access the system internal project data base, additionally supporting interactive operations to handle data and control commands. As a result, special software tools such as analysers, visualisers and generators. can be coupled to, and controlled by, System Cascon for targeted extension of the platform’s performance.

In particular, the company says, increasing Chip Embedded Instrument utilisation offers a variety of new test and measurement applications. Within this context, the seamless coupling with complementary third party software tools is a critical element for practical usage, which Goepel addressed with the newly-developed interface: Goepel ” extended the scalability, flexibility and openness of System Cascon as a platform for the holistic implementation of Embedded System

Access strategies.”

The newly developed IPL is a bidirectional integration interface, enabling external software tools nearly unlimited dynamic access to the internal data base of System Cascon, including project data, object states and system information. At the same time, interactive control mechanisms have been implemented, enabling a seamless connection to, and utilisation of, respective third-party software. The solution allows for interaction with numerous complementary software tools, ranging from special data processors or process visualisers to complete pattern generators or signal analysers.

Embedded system access (ESA) technologies enable electrical access to embedded systems without using mechanical nails or probe contacts (non-invasive methods). They apply design-integrated test and debug interfaces such as JTAG. In addition to Boundary Scan, ESA technologies include procedures such as Chip Embedded Instruments, Processor Emulation Test, In-system Programming or Core Assisted Programming. ESA technologies are currently the most modern strategies, Goepel believes, for validation, test and debug as well as programming complex chips, boards, and complete units. They can be used throughout the entire product life cycle and enable increased test coverage at reduced costs.

The new Inter Process Link will be supported in System Cascon starting from version 4.6.2, and will be activated per license manager within the context