Embedded system racks for harsh environments

March 26, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Based on its Schroff 19-in. product platform of components and complete subracks, Pentair Equipment Protection helps system OEMs meet the demands of harsh operating environments, such as those found in aerospace, defence, transportation and industrial applications.

Drawing on a wide portfolio of standard components, systems can be assembled for every necessary level of ruggedness – including mechanical stability for shock and vibration resistance, IP sealing and EMC protection as well as accommodating a range of cooling requirements.

When located close to rotating machines or on commercial vehicles, these modular Schroff subracks are subjected to high levels of shock and vibration. For these areas of application, standard components such as strengthened side panels or robust horizontal rails with added fixing points are used; this increases the loading capacity of the subrack to 25g. If higher shock and vibration values are required, more ruggedised chassis variants are available offering up to 40g - Pentair offers a chassis that conforms to the ATR (Air Transportation Rack) specification, for instance.

Particularly high levels of IP and EMC protection, as demanded in defence systems, can also be built from the wide selection of standard components. Such systems, which are normally completely enclosed, have higher cooling requirements that are normally prescribed by the type of application. Standard cooling solutions for different levels of ruggedness range from forced air cooling, through conduction cooling and cold plates, to water cooling for hot spots.

All known bus technologies, including VMEbus, VXS, VPX, CompactPCI Plus IO, and CompactPCI Serial are supported and the appropriate, high-performance PSUs (power supply units) are integrated. From this portfolio of standard components, embedded systems can be configured or indeed modified to the customer's requirements and to the necessary level of ruggedness. For further information see www.schroff.co.uk/psp