End-point detection module for improved electronic package decapsulation and sample preparation

September 03, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Ultra Tec Manufacturing has released a new end-point detection module for its ASAP-1 IPS selected area preparation system.

The end-point detection module is a hardware and software enhancement for the ASAP-1 IPS that provides the capability to quantify and act upon the capacitive and/or resistive properties of electronic device and packaging materials, in order to enhance the sample preparation process. Controlled microsurgery, with interactive end-pointing, opens the door for improved resolution with Squid Microscopy, INSB thermography (Lock-In), Thermal Laser Stimulus and similar techniques without fully exposing the die topside or by stopping a few microns before target on silicon from the backside.

ASAP-1 IPS is a digital sample preparation system for the decapsulation, thinning and polishing of packaged and wafer-level devices. Drawing on Ultra Tec's knowledge and market leadership in the selected area preparation area, ASAP-1 IPS has been designed to be specifically 'device centric’ – using a combination of advanced programming and tool patterns, force feedback and live machine-vision - to help the user obtain the best results with the highest yield.

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