Energy Micro MCU secures design-in in glucose monitor/insulin pump

June 20, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Brighter AB (Sweden) has used the features of an Energy Micro MCU to combine data processing with low power operation in a diabetes management product, integrating the Ucaretron 32-bit blood glucose monitor with Allmedicus biosensor and insulin injection in its Brighter One device

An all-in-one solution for the management of diabetes, Brighter On is the first pocket-sized product that integrates all the functions needed to monitor blood glucose and inject insulin. It logs insulin doses and glucose levels automatically and offers diabetics an easier and more convenient way to manage their daily routines.

Brighter adopted a 32bit blood glucose module developed by Ucaretron, based in South Korea, in a design that provides a complete solution for diabetics who require frequent insulin injections. Allmedicus, a provider of innovative medical diagnostic instruments, also based in Korea and known for its “Gluco Dr” brand, has adapted its biosensor strips specifically for use with this monitor. These strips are based on its FAD-GDH enzyme technology and use pure gold electrodes to meet quality and certification standards.

Insulin-treated diabetics typically need a lancet, test strips, blood glucose meter, injection device and some form of data log to manage their treatment. The Brighter One solution reduces the number of items a diabetic needs to carry from five to one in what Allmedicus describes as, “a truly ingenious integrated diabetes management device”. Ucaretron’s CEO, Dr Jee Hwan Jang, said, “Energy Micro's EFM32 enables us to achieve longer battery life along with the precise measurement needed to meet our customer’s requirements".

Andreas Koller, Energy Micro’s VP of Worldwide Sales added, "Higher integration in medical devices improves the user experience. It's nice to see that the EFM32 can enable devices like the Brighter One, and it shows that 32-bit microcontrollers are a perfect fit for complex data processing in battery-powered applications".

Energy Micro,