Enpirion drives power density to the next level

May 22, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Power management devices manufacturer Enpirion has introduced a family of highly integrated 12V DC/DC converters that boast the industry's highest integration and power density. According to the vendor, the devices combine the performance of GaN with the low cost level of MOSFET. The products are designed for a broad range of applications in telecommunications, embedded computing and storage system applications. With minor external modifications they can also be used as constant current sources for LED lighting.

The company's proprietary high-speed transistor structure, implemented in a 0.18 micron LDMOS process offers the best efficiency in the industry, says Enpirion CTO Ashraf Lotfi. This results in very low losses at high switching frequencies. "Our technology allows Figures of Merit (FOMs) of 20 - which is 40% better than alternative LDMOS technology. It also surpasses VDMOS by 73% and high-performance GAN by 33%". 

With their high degree of integration, the devices are up to 60% smaller than comparable products. The devices convert an input voltage of 4.5 to 14V to an output voltage of 0.6 to 5V. Up to four EN23F0 devices with an output current of up to 15A each can be paralleled for load currents of up to 60A. 

Enpirion is a fabless company. The chips are manufactured at Dongbu's fab in Korea. In order to reduce the dependency form a sole production site, Enpirion currently assesses fabs in China and other Asian countries. 

The EN2300 product family is available now. The pricing level varies between $3.56 for the EN2340QI to $9,00 for the EN23F0QI. 

For more information visit www.enpirion.com