Environmental protection increased; Bulgin’s Buccaneer connectors now rated to IP69K

May 02, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
The Buccaneer range of advanced waterproof power and data connectors from Bulgin has been independently rated to IP69K – DIN 40050-9, further extending the potential applications of this robust circular connector range.

The increasing demand for connectivity in networked industrial applications means that environmentally-sealed connections are required to provide safe and secure data and power transfer in evermore harsh or hostile conditions. The IP69K rating is designed to meet the needs of high pressure, high temperature wash-down applications. The rigorous dust and liquid protection this rating ensures is now benefitting a wide range of markets, including marine, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacture and waste treatment. Bulgin’s range of Buccaneer connectors – including the 900 Series Buccaneer, Standard Buccaneer, Ethernet Buccaneer, USB Buccaneer and Mini USB Buccaneer – have now been independently tested to meet this demanding standard. Dave Weaver, Product Manager for Bulgin, commented: “This additional rating... provides engineers with guaranteed performance and greater design confidence for virtually any application.”

Bulgin Components/Elektron Technology, www.bulgin.com