EPC Gen2 chip has a typical read sensitivity of -19dBm

March 29, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The EM4124 from EM Microelectronic is a rewritable EPC Class 1 Gen2 circuit, compliant with the ISO 18000-6 Type C and Type D (TOTAL) standards.

With a typical read sensitivity of -19dBm, the EM4124 enables the development of RFID tags with -21dBm sensitivity (assuming a 2dBi gain dipole-like antenna). Therefore, properly designed EM4124-based EPC Gen2 tags will offer the longest range in their class. Each device is delivered with a 64-bit manufacturer-programmed, serialized and locked unique identifier (TID/UID) to ensure full traceability. Furthermore, 256 bits of non-volatile memory enable the support of user-programmable ISO and EPC data structures; a 112 bit EPC code, a 32 bit kill password and a 32 bit access password.

The EM4124 also supports a tag-talk-only protocol called TOTAL.

This reduced-complexity protocol is suitable for applications which require rapid detection of numerous fast moving items. Label manufacturers will benefit from the EM4124's robust design, which results in higher assembly yields. The device also supports wideband antenna tuning thanks to its parallel-inductance matched design. The factory-programmed TID field, in addition to the EPC code, provides enhanced insurance against data inconsistencies and tag cloning. TThe EM4124 is sampling now as gold-bumped die or in sample tag format.

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