EU Electromobility research projects; Infineon takes lead role

June 10, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
With the ultimate objective of putting more electric vehicles on Europe's roads, three EU-funded research projects – "3Ccar", "OSEM-EV" and "Silver Stream" – are aimed at making electromobility cheaper, more efficient and more reliable.

The European Commission is launching three research projects working towards having more environmentally-friendly vehicles on Europe's roads. Europe will be the site for the continued development and production of electric vehicles under these projects, which will run until 2018 and are headed by Infineon Technologies. Total funding is around €67million: there will be 70 partners with a total of 120 researchers from 15 countries, and representatives of ECSEL Joint Undertaking, the European Union, the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will participate.

Objectives for the three research projects, 3Ccar, OSEM-EV and SilverStream, include a 20% reduction in size and weight of electrical systems used in electric vehicles, with improved range, and with a 25% cost reduction. The three projects will collaborate to research and develop environmentally-friendly, safe and robust electric vehicles. The entire automotive value chain will be involved in this effort, from chip producers to car manufacturers.

Electric vehicles have an estimated 50% more electronic components and semiconductors (on average) compared to vehicles with combustion engines. Operating time of the electronic components in electric vehicles is also higher. The 3Ccar project (Integrated Components for Complexity Control) aims to further strengthen the reliability of automotive systems, despite the increasing vehicle complexity. 48 partners from 14 countries are participating in the 3Ccar Project. The research budget is set at €54million.

OSEM-EV (Optimised and Systematic Energy Management in Electric Vehicles) will work on increased range of electric vehicles. The activities of the twelve partners are centred on the research of intelligent thermal management, which includes the cooling system for the electric drive, the battery life and an efficient energy recuperation. The research budget is set at €8million.

Ten partners from five countries are working on the SilverStream project, the aim of which is the development of an inexpensive electric compact car. The research budget is set at €4.5million.

Within the European ECSEL initiative (Electronic Components and Systems