European-sourced lithium rechargeable battery production to increase

March 25, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
BMZ is to set up a highly automated production plant with capacity of up to 200,000 lithium rechargeable power packs a year, in Karlstein, Germany.

BMZ GmbH a leading European rechargeable battery manufacturer with more than €230 million in turnover last year, will shortly start construction of a highly automated rechargeable battery production plant at the company’s headquarters in Karlstein near Aschaffenburg. It will be possible to almost fully automatically assemble, weld and test up to 200,000 rechargeable batteries to individual customer requirements annually in the 800m² of the large new production facility’s first expansion stage, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2014.

The first expansion stage of the new production facility, representing an investment of some €5million, will output battery sizes in the 200g to 3 kg weight range. This enables both small units for domestic appliances and big batteries for e-bikes to be produced. Objectives for the plant are to combine the highest possible degree of quality and safety with maximum speed and flexibility; individual production steps such as feeding the cells, the placement of the cell holders and also the welding of cell connectors by resistance welding are divided into several interchangeable production cells in order to be able to make any necessary future adjustments with a minimum of subsequent time and effort. Inverter welding machines guarantee continuously high welding quality with precise monitoring of the process.

Subsequent tests of the batteries are virtually completely automated apart from a few exceptions which depend on the type and configuration of the respective battery packs. The recording of all pack-related data by individual production stations and its unique assignment to the respective product guarantees the seamless traceability of every single battery that will be produced. BMZ batteries go into garden shears, drills, screwdrivers, electric vehicles, e-bikes, portable medical devices and the renewable energy sector.

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