EV and HEV drive circuits targeted by intelligent power modules

April 22, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a series of large-capacity intelligent power modules (IPMs) mainly for application in electric and hybrid vehicles. Power modules for automobiles require higher reliability than industrial-use modules due to extremely high standards for vehicle safety.

Mitsubishi Electric's IPM announcement comprises, firstly, Large-capacity IPMs for automotive motors. the J-Series TYPE+B series offers a choice of 600V/800A and 1,200V/500A models, with larger current capacity than existing TYPE-B models, but with same footprint area. They have uilt-in power supplies for IGBT drive and logic circuits.

A second product category is an all-in-one IPM for automotive motors, gfeaturing low-loss 3-phase CSTBTTM inverter configuration with built-in control-power supply circuit, optimised IGBT drive and protection circuit, and high-grade isolation photo-couplers. High-accuracy analogue temperature monitors protect the semiconductor chips. for chip center.

All of the J-series IPMs have short-circuit protection, control-power-supply under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection and fault signaling output; isolation by photo-couplers; high-accuracy analogue chip temperature monitoring.
 A high-accuracy analogue power-supply voltage output function monitors inverter DC-link voltage, and there is an  IPM enabling ready-signal input for fail-safe operation.
 Vibration-resistant connectors ensure reliable interface with customers' designs.

Mitsubishi Electric, www.mitsubishielectric.eu