Expanded SiC power module product family supports industrial applications with extended temperature ranges

January 17, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Microsemi Corporation has introduced a new generation of industrial temperature silicon carbide (SiC) standard power modules.

The modules are ideally suited for use in high power switch mode power supplies, motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, solar inverters, oil exploration and other high power, high voltage industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability. The power module family is also offered with extended temperature ranges to meet next-generation power conversion system requirements for higher power densities, operating frequencies and efficiencies.

SiC technology delivers higher breakdown field strength and improved thermal conductivity compared to silicon material. This enables improved performance characteristics in parameters including zero reverse recovery, temperature independent behavior, higher voltage capability and higher temperature operation to achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and reliability.

Microsemi’s new industrial temperature SiC power modules feature multiple circuit topologies and are integrated into low profile packages. The majority of the new module product family uses aluminum nitride (AIN) substrates to enable isolation from the heat sink, which improves heat transfer to the cooling system.

Additional features include high speed switching, low switching losses, low input capacitance, low drive requirements, low profile and minimum parasitic inductance which enable high frequency, high performance, high density and energy-saving power systems.

The new industrial temperature module family includes the following parameters and devices:

The APT100MC120JCU2 and APT50MC120JCU2 modules feature a 1200 V boost chopper configuration, rated from 50 to 100 amp.

The APTMC120AM08CD3AG, APTMC120AM20CT1AG, and APTMC120AM55CT1AG modules feature a 1200 V phase leg configuration, rated from 40 to 200 amp.

The APTMC60TLM14CAG, APTMC60TLM20CT3AG, APTMC60TLM55CT3AG, and APTMC60TL11CT3AG modules feature a 600 V neutral point clamped configuration, dedicated to three level inverters for solar or UPS applications, rated from 20 to 160 amp.

The APTMC120HRM40CT3G and APTMC120HR11CT3G modules feature a neutral point clamped configuration, 600 V/1200 V mixed voltage, rated from 20 to 50 amp.


Samples of Microsemi’s industrial temperature, SiC standard power modules are available within short lead times.

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