Extended ECU Interface Manager speeds up rapid control prototyping with production ECUs

June 13, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
The newest version of the dSPACE ECU Interface Manager simplifies the workflow for integrating bypass service calls. Users can visualise all the functions available for bypassing at a glance in the new function configuration view, and integrate bypass service calls in hex code without needing to know the ECU software structure. In addition, various filters and selection options allow actions such as configuring several functions at once.

The ECU Interface Manager can now search the ECU hex code for existing dSPACE bypass services for reuse. This feature saves time and effort spent in integrating bypass services, and simplifies the workflow. For example, a generic configuration for bypassing can be included within the ECU code, and function developers can add project-specific service calls to it later without duplication. The ECU Interface Manager now supports Freescale MPC55xx and MPC56xx, ST Microelectronics SPC56, and the latest AURIX microcontroller family from Infineon. With its new filter and selection options, the extended user interface of the ECU Interface Manager simplifies integrating bypass services for on-target prototyping and external bypassing.

DSPACE; www.dspace.com