Extremely low loss RF cables, up to 6 GHz

November 28, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Connectivity specialist Huber+Suhner has expanded its SPUMA cable series, for applications requiring extremely low loss characteristics, at frequencies up to 6GHz, with high temperature endurance, and wide operating temperature range.

The three cable variants, SPUMA 240-HT, 400-HT and 600-HT, feature attenuation figures as low as 0.25 dB/m (0.08 dB/ft) at maximum operating frequency, power capability up to 1900W at 1 GHz and operating temperature range of -55⁰C to +150⁰C. Screening effectiveness up to maximum operating frequency for all three variants is greater than 90 dB.


Huber+Suhner; www.hubersuhner.co.uk