Faraday Technology allies with Arasan Chip Systems to interate MIPI DSI receiver and MIPI D-PHY

March 26, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. has allied with Faraday Technology Corporation to integrate MIPI DSI Device and MIPI D-PHY technology. The Arasan IP was integrated in to Faraday's ASIC customer project in order to meet a tight development schedule.

"Arasan is one of the very few vendors that can provide silicon proven IP within a very tight schedule," said Jensen Yen , Associate Vice President of Marketing and Spokesperson at Faraday. "We are glad to work with Arasan, and by their professional support, we thus lessen our R&D effort and greatly shorten the integration lead time. The satisfying results have also proved that Arasan is one of the best IP partners with extensive MIPI expertise."

Arasan has been a contributing member of the MIPI Alliance since 2004 and the company’s long time engagement in this organization made it easy for Faraday to shortlist its preferred IP vendors. As a result of its MIPI Alliance participation, Arasan has developed a deep expertise in MIPI technology. Four out of five MIPI Alliance Board Members buy MIPI products from Arasan.

"It is always very rewarding for us to see a very quick tape out as we did with Faraday," said Ron Mabry , Vice President of Sales at Arasan.

Arasan Chip Systems is the provider of a complete suite of MIPI compliant semiconductor IP solutions, which consist of IP cores and PHYs, verification IP, software stacks and drivers, hardware validation platforms, and optional customization services. These include IP for the CSI-2, DSI, HSI, LLI, SLIMbus, RFFE, D-PHY and M-PHY standards.  

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