Fastest 20-Bit SAR ADC comes with no precision, speed, or power compromises

April 23, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Engineers can achieve the industry’s highest resolution and fastest sampling rate at the lowest power with the MAX11905, a 20-bit, 1.6 Msamples/sec successive approximation register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), while saving up to 91% power and up to 50% space.

Typically, Maxim sayswhen engineers require high-precision data conversion, they turn to a delta-sigma ADC. However, to produce high precision and wide dynamic range, those ADCs must consume at least 100 mW of power. In contrast, the MAX11905 SAR ADC consumes only 9 mW – a 91% power savings. With this power savings comes very high (20-bit) precision and the fastest sampling (1.6 Msamples/sec) rate available. The MAX11905 also integrates internal reference buffers, and saves up to 50% space compared to competitive discrete solutions. Use MAX11905 in applications including process control, automatic test equipment, medical instrumentation, and battery-powered devices.

MAX11905 enables 1.6 Msamples/sec throughout with no latency and settling time limitation. The ADC achieves 98.3 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and -123 dB THD); improves static and dynamic performance; guarantees monotonic function; and provides best-in-class power consumption. It delivers 20-bit resolution with no missing codes, at 1.6 Msamples/sec, and at 9mW.

The MAX11905 integrates internal reference buffers, reducing design time and cost.

In a 20-pin, 4 x 4 mm TQFN package, and specified over -40 to +85C, it costs $33.95 (1000).

Maxim Integrated,