FCI adds to PwrBlade power distribution system with backplane interconnect options

November 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
FCI has expanded its PwrBlade ULTRA series which now include the Right-Angle and Coplanar configurations.

With its hard-metric compatible design, the vertical receptacle connectors allow the use of PwrBlade ULTRA in traditional backplane applications. The right-angle receptacle provides for low profile coplanar applications. Rated for currents of 65A per contact, the connector maintains the prior high current rating and high current density with the small form factor and low profile of PwrBlade ULTRA.

The product is available in a wide variety of configurations offering flexibility on the number and placement of power and signal contacts. PwrBlade ULTRA is positioned as a solution for next-generation high efficiency backplane and co-planar power distribution applications. Features include halogen-free housings, press-fit or solder tail options, and an ultra low contact resistance of 0.4 mΩ.

FCI; www.fci.com/products/pwrbladeultra