Ferrite sheet antenna enables reading distance up to 40 mm for NFC

August 31, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Pulse Electronics' near field communications (NFC) sheet antenna enables mobile phones to read data from a distance of up to 40 mm. The antenna sends and receives clear signals even when installed in a handset in close proximity to the battery or metal housing.

The ferrite sheet antenna can be customized to the varying sizes of handset mechanics, is easy to implement, and enables safe, non-contact, wireless communication for NFC connectivity to mobile devices. The planar ferrite sheet-based antenna measures 35 x 50 mm with a minimum thickness of 0.30mm, including the ferrite/adhesive/antenna flex layers. The magnetic field strength can be optimized by the type and thickness of the ferrite material and the design of the radiator pattern.

The antenna meets EMVco specifications ensuring global interoperability and compatibility of chip-based payment cards and acceptance devices.