Field-programmable clock generators add multi-output variants

December 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
IDT has grown its VersaClock 5 series of low-power programmable clock generators, featuring low jitter, and different combinations of outputs and output types, to meet exact timing needs for various applications

By having different numbers and types of outputs, the new products are designed to meet specific engineering needs, providing a complete clock tree while removing unnecessary outputs and expense. These multi-output timing solutions bring together system components while retaining design flexibility, for cost-sensitive, low-power consumer and low-jitter communications applications. The initial 5P49V5901 VersaClock 5 offering features four universal output pairs capable of producing four independent programmable frequencies up to 350 MHz with programmable output types of LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL and LVCMOS and with jitter performance of 0.7 psec RMS Phase Jitter at 30 mA core current consumption.

The new devices offer universal outputs as well as versions with LVCMOS-only outputs, all capable of generating any output frequency up to 350 MHz with the same jitter performance and core current consumption.

Part Number


Output Type


PLL with 2 Fractional Output Dividers

2 Configurable Output Pairs Plus Reference Output


PLL with 3 Fractional Output Dividers

3 Configurable Output Pairs + Reference Output


PLL with 2 Fractional Output Dividers

2 LVCMOS Outputs + Reference Output


PLL with 4 Fractional Output Dividers

4 LVCMOS Outputs + Reference Output


PLL with 3 Fractional Output Dividers

6 LVCMOS Outputs + Reference Output


PLL with 4 Fractional Output Dividers

8 LVCMOS Outputs + Reference Output

VersaClock 5 devices are priced from $1.00 to $4.50 (1000).