Fine-pitch connectors fit smart phones, IoT devices

March 30, 2015 // By Susan Nordyk, EDN
TE Connectivity has expanded its line of board-to-board connectors with three devices, including a 0.4-mm fine-pitch EMI-shielded board-to-FPC (flexible printed circuit) connector, a 0.4-mm pitch board-to-board connector, and a 0.35-mm pitch board-to-board connector with a locking peg design.

These devices are designed to address manufacturers’ requirements for a super-slim, low-profile board-to-board connector for use in smart phones, Internet of Things devices, wearables, and other mobile devices. According to the manufacturer, the 0.4-mm EMI-shielded board-to-FPC connector employs a spring contact and latching shield to enable a lower profile and smaller footprint than conventional FPC solutions. It is 0.9 mm high, including a receptacle connector (0.52 mm), an FPC (0.08 mm), and a stiffener plate (0.3 mm).

The 0.4-mm and 0.35-mm board-to-board connectors have a multiple-contact point system that ensures reliable mating and a contact self-lock concept that offers tactile mating and unmating. The 0.4-mm board-to-board connector is 2.5 mm wide and 0.7 mm high, while the 0.35-mm connector is 1.85 mm wide and 0.6 mm high. A locking peg on the 0.35-mm connector provides strong retention force and improves robustness.

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