First Bluetooth 5 verification IP, claims Cadence

January 11, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Cadence Verification IP (VIP) for Bluetooth 5 is presented as the first VIP for the latest version of Bluetooth technology (graphic; Bluetooth SIG). Bluetooth 5 increases data broadcasting capacity 8-fold, quadruples the range and doubles the connection speed of low-energy devices to deliver seamless, short-range mobile connectivity.

Cadence also strengthened its IP portfolio with the addition of VIP for Bluetooth 4.2 and the Cadence TripleCheck productivity tool for Bluetooth 5.


Cadence’s VIP for Bluetooth 5 offers the first independent pre-silicon verification of the Bluetooth 5 standard. Cadence VIP supports any major language, simulator or methodology, so engineers can employ the VIP without changing their verification environment. With the TripleCheck tool for Bluetooth 5, designers get an independent, comprehensive verification plan, test suite and coverage, which allow them to improve verification efficiency and get to market more quickly.


Cadence adds, “Bluetooth 5 addresses emerging needs in the mobile, consumer and IoT market segments. With the first commercially available Cadence VIP for Bluetooth 5, designers can devote their energy to developing SoCs that leverage the potential of the latest Bluetooth technology, rather than worrying about protocol compliance.”