Fixed-ratio DC/DC converters pass 2.5 kW/cubic inch power density

April 16, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Vicor has further increased power density, and added digital communication capability, with products added to its ChiP Bus Converter Module (BCM) product family: these ChiP-based BCMs provide power density of 2750 W/cubic inch, supplying up to 1.75 kW with 98% peak efficiency.

Based on the company’s Converter housed in Package (ChiP) power component platform, Vicor’s latest BCMs supply up to 1.75 kW at 50V with 98% peak efficiency and power density of 2750 W/in 3, a figure that the company claims is five times that of alternative solutions.

Vicor has also introduced digital telemetry and control capabilities for its ChiP BCM portfolio, available as an option for the new 1.75 kW modules and previously announced 1.2 kW modules. A PMBus compliant digital interface option gives system designers access to the ChiP BCM’s internal controller, enabling digital communication with an array of ChiP BCMs via a single bus for control, configuration, monitoring and other telemetry functions.

The new ETSI and ITU compliant 1.75 kW modules support a nominal input voltage of 400V and nominal output voltage of 50V, with a K-factor (fixed conversion ratio) of 1/8. they occupy the same 6123 package as the prior 1.2 kW modules. Standard BCM features include bidirectional operation, under-over-voltage lockout, over-current, short circuit and over-temperature protection.

Vicor’s ChiP BCMs’ power performance profile is made possible by the underlying ZCS/ZVS Sine Amplitude Converter topology. Operating at megahertz switching frequency, ChiP BCMs enable fast response time and low noise operation at industry leading efficiencies. High fixed frequency operation also simplifies and reduces the size of external filter designs, yielding additional cost savings and accelerating time to market.

1.75 kW ChiP BCMs and 1.2 kW ChiP BCMs cost $170.00 and $120.00 respectively. The digital telemetry and control options are priced separately.