Flexible battery-connector solution with cable connection

December 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
For all applications that require a separable, miniaturized, safe, reliable and particularly flexible connection between electronic equipment and a battery, Suyin now offers an ultra-low-profile battery plug-and-socket combination that can be varied to meet customer-specific needs.

With this solution, the 060087GS four-position plug can be placed at any suitable position on the board and mounted using through-hole technology (THT), and the 060088HS socket is equipped with a flexible cable that can be adapted to match nearly any customer requirements by varying the length along with all other specifications (cross section, color, shielding, etc.). The compact overall dimensions for the female connector (without the cable) and male connector when mated are 12.6x8.75x2mm. The long-lasting blade contacts with a pitch of 1.8 mm can conduct 12 VDC / 5 A per pin, and the high level of mating reliability is tested at the factory at 500 +/– 50 mating cycles per hour. Other key technical characteristics that this completely halogen-free battery connector solution offers include the extremely low contact resistance of 30 mΩ (initial), the excellent insulation resistance of 1000 MΩ as well as the wide range of operating temperatures, which extends from –40 to +105 °C.

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