Formal verification company provides technology access on “app” model

May 22, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Formal verification has long held promise as a verification tool for the SoC design chain – but the arcane nature of the applied mathematics involved has limited its use to a subset of specific areas. German specialist OneSpin Solutions has now found a way that third parties can build tools on the base of its formal verification “engines”, applying the full power of the technology while retaining full secure over its underlying formal intellectual property.

The new vehicle is OneSpin 360 LaunchPad, which the company terms the “first Adaptive Formal Platform”; partner companies will be enabled to use the power of formal verification in a range of verification solutions that they can position, market and price according to their own models – all without (necessarily) understanding the subtleties of the formal technology itself.

LaunchPad is a complete formal environment that can be applied by app developers without in-house formal technology or expertise. Domain experts can create formal-based solutions targeting verification tasks that lie within their specific field on a proven underlying verification foundation. LaunchPad may be delivered as part of the app by the developer. Or, the app can be included in the OneSpin App Library to operate with the company’s formal product line.

The platform that OneSpin has developed employs encryption and key-based security. When the solvers are distributed as part of an app, they will only recognise data generated by and within the app; and the technology of the verification engines themselves is not visible to the end user.

“LaunchPad is a missing link in the widespread adoption of formal verification, and will extend the reach of powerful formal techniques into new areas,” says Dr. Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin Solutions’ president and chief executive officer (CEO). “The pre-existing platform makes it easier and quicker for domain experts to develop a robust verification solution suitable to their market segment, without the need for acquiring in-house formal knowledge or technology.”

To date, Agnisys Inc. and Tortuga Logic Inc. have integrated LaunchPad into their systems realisation and security software solutions, respectively. Both have executed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements with OneSpin. For example, security verification expert Tortuga Logic has delivered LaunchPad as part of its Prospect product line, using an appropriate business model. Other implementations, including Intellectual Property (IP) related developments, will be announced soon.

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