FPGA accelerator card supports OpenCL for high performance computing

November 09, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
Glasgow-based FPGA board developer Nallatech has added OpenCL support to its PCIe-385N accelerator card for high performance computing applications.

The card now supports the Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL – an open computing language that combines the massively parallel architecture of an FPGA with the OpenCL parallel programming model. The PCI Express accelerator card uses Altera’s latest generation of Stratix V Series FPGAs and enables FPGAs to work with the host processor to accelerate parallel computation at a fraction of the power compared to hardware alternatives.
“Nallatech’s cost-effective PCIe-385N FPGA accelerator card features a simple, yet powerful architecture compatible with the OpenCL tool flow,” said Allan Cantle, president and founder of Nallatech. “OpenCL support for Altera FPGAs is a game changer. By dramatically simplifying the programming model, Altera has enabled the adoption of energy efficient FPGA accelerators for heterogeneous computing platforms.”
The PCIe-385N is a low profile half height, half length PCI Express card no larger than a traditional network interface card. This enables compatibility with high density server and blade center platforms from leading OEMs.
Altera’s OpenCL initiative engages customers in an Early Access Program on how to implement designs in FPGAs using an OpenCL flow.
Nallatech, a subsidiary of US board maker Interconnect Systems Inc, is now delivering production units of the PCIe-385N and accepting new orders.