FPGA-based, single chip “intelligent vision” with embedded analytics

March 26, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Altera and IP provider Eutecus have collaborated to produce a single chip implementation of Eutecus’ ReCo Platform that provides embedded, multi-channel HD Video analytics for intelligent lighting, traffic monitoring and building security

The ReCo-Pro multi-channel High Definition (HD) video analytics platform is based on Eutecus’ MVE video and fusion analytics technology and Altera’s Cyclone V SoC and Enpirion PowerSoC devices.

Available from Eutecus, the ReCo™ platform has been chosen by Sensity Systems as the foundation for adding intelligent vision processing to its high-speed, Light Sensory Network (LSN), which is currently being installed in several US metropolitan areas. The Sensity open, multiservice NetSense platform enables industrial lighting owners and operators to reduce energy costs while offering advanced networked services for smart city applications, such as environmental and weather monitoring, parking management, retail analytics and enhanced public safety.

"Eutecus leveraged the processing power, flexibility and small size of the Cyclone V SoC-based ReCo-Pro platform to develop intelligent video analytics solutions for smart city applications," said Dan McNamara, Vice President of the Industrial, Automotive and Broadcast Business Unit, Altera. “Our SoCs with dual core ARM processors and programmable hardware combine to provide an optimal low-power platform with the right flexibility and processing power for a broad range of emerging IoT applications.”

"The Eutecus ReCo family of products are reconfigurable, scalable, and remotely upgradable FPGA-based computing platforms; the eyes that see and detect instantly, ready for future upgrades and innovation,” says Csaba Rekeczky, CEO and President of Eutecus. "The use of Eutecus’ MVE video and fusion analytics technology in intelligent city applications provides the benefits of increased operational efficiency and public safety, while also serving to protect individual privacy."

Eutecus develops and licenses embedded software and configurable processor solutions, and offers its experience in embedded system architectures and algorithms for mission critical video and fusion analytics applications. Eutecus' hardware-accelerated multi-channel vision systems inspect and analyse data in real-time, and produce actionable information for intelligent decision making.

Eutecus; www.eutecus.com

Altera; www.altera.com