Framework protects embedded devices and systems from cyber-attack

May 07, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Two specific capabilities are claimed to make the Icon Labs Floodgate Security Framework stand out from other cyber defence solutions – Secure Boot and Intrusion Detection. Icon Labs says that FSF is the only security solution for embedded devices providing both device protection capabilities and security management for any embedded OS.

Floodgate Security Framework has been ported to a wide range of RTOSes including VxWorks, Nucleus, INTEGRITY, embedded Linux, μC/OS-III and RTXC to provide a security solution for the development of secure, managed, trusted devices.

Icon Labs says, “In IT security, endpoints must be authenticated, trusted, secured and managed before they are allowed to operate on the corporate network. IT/OT convergence and the emergence of security standards in various industries require that embedded devices provide the same security capabilities as IT devices.”

The Floodgate Security Framework provides:

- Management system integration for IT/OT convergence.

- Security capabilities to ensure devices are protected from attack.

- Building blocks for compliance with security standards including NERC-CIP and EDSA.

Floodgate Secure Boot provides a critical security capability for embedded devices by ensuring that only validated code from the device OEM is allowed to run. This prevents attackers from replacing firmware with versions created to perform malicious operations. Secure boot uses code signing to verify the authenticity and integrity of firmware prior to execution. Floodgate Secure Boot provides the APIs required for code signing, code validation and secure firmware updates.

Floodgate Intrusion Detection monitors system activity and configuration to detect unauthorised changes to the system. These changes are reported to a security management system. Engineers integrating Floodgate IDS into their device can select the appropriate response based upon the severity of the threat and the specific requirements of their device. Supported responses include event logging, alert generation, shutting down the device, operating in “safe mode”, wiping data, and deleting firmware. Floodgate IDS can also support customisable responses to detected threats.

The Floodgate Security Framework also provides Root of Trust/Chain of Trust, Run-Time Integrity Validation, Application Guarding APIs, Secure Device Manifest support, an embedded firewall, and integration with various security management systems. These capabilities provide the building blocks for achieving EDSA Certification, ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance, and/or compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity framework

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