Free digital media course on High-Speed Digital Design, from University of Oxford

July 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Howard Johnson, author of “High-Speed Digital design - A Handbook of Black Magic”, is one of the world’s leading experts on high-speed digital electronics design and signal integrity, and for many years was a prolific contributor to the pages of EDN

The University of Oxford Technology Programme is offering a free digital download of its high-speed digital design course as well supporting student and tutor material. The online digital media course comprises 12 hours of recorded material, student and tutor hand-outs and a course syllabus is available to anyone who works with or is interested in high-speed digital design.

Howard Johnson has been a pioneer of the development of many new technologies including Phonemail, the first integrated voice messaging system and the Gigabit Ethernet, and has now allowed Oxford University to release a digital media collection of his teaching material.

Dr. Johnson comments that, “The basis of technological progress is that one passes along the knowledge he has gained. I received a great measure of technical understanding from one-on-one interactions with my predecessors and now embrace the duty of giving it to you. The only difference is, I get to do it with video.”

The course imparts a great number of facts, but more important, a philosophy of high-speed circuit engineering. As Dr Johnson explains, “This philosophy emphasises a broad understanding of the many things that might happen, coupled with practical experimentation to ascertain the few things that matter most in any situation.”

Developed specifically for engineers and designers who work with high-speed digital signals, this workshop will give you the power to instantly recognise and solve many of today’s high-speed design problems.

The University of Oxford is hosting the course and you can access it via the Department for Continuing Education’s website –