Frequency domain analysis for Keysight real-time oscilloscopes

August 20, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies (the company formerly known as Agilent) has a frequency domain analysis (FDA) option, which it positions as the industry’s first user-extensible spectrum frequency domain analysis application solution for real-time oscilloscopes.

The FDA option extends the capabilities of Infiniium and InfiniiVision Series oscilloscopes by enabling engineers to acquire live signals from the oscilloscope and visualise them in the frequency domain as well as make key frequency domain measurements. Option N8832A-001 includes the application, the application source code for user extensibility, and MATLAB software. These tools allow engineers to extend the application's capabilities to meet their current and future testing needs.

The FDA application provides capabilities to address frequency domain analysis challenges including:

- Power spectral density (PSD) and spectrogram visualisation, commonly found in spectrum analyser and frequency domain analysis software.

- Frequency domain measurements in an application including relevant peaks in the PSD and measurements such as occupied bandwidth, SNR, THD (total harmonic distortion), SFDR (spurious free dynamic range) and frequency error.

- Oscilloscope configuration through the application to allow for repeatable instrument configuration and measurements; optionally includes additional SCPI commands for more advanced instrument setup.

- Insertion of additional custom signal processing commands prior to frequency domain visualisation, as needed, for more advanced analysis insight.

- Live or post-acquisition analysis of time-domain data in MATLAB software.

“The FDA application provides meaningful ways to visualise and analyse frequency domain measurements with a real-time oscilloscope, which extends the traditional capabilities of the scope and allows customers to overcome difficult signal analysis challenges,” said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Oscilloscope and Protocol Division. “In addition, if a project or measurement requires frequency domain analysis beyond the out-of-the-box application capabilities, customers can immediately customise and extend the solution to meet their unique testing needs.”

Keysight adds that it is the only test and measurement company that sells and supports MATLAB software with its instruments, offering a complete hardware and software test solution to engineers; MATLAB software is also available as a software option with other Keysight instruments. For information about MATLAB software for use with Keysight products, see /