Frequency-programmable narrow-band transmitter

October 21, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
RF module designer and manufacturer Radiometrix has a range of flexible, frequency programmable, RF power adjustable, radios. The NTX2B transmitter offers true Narrow Band FM (NBFM) performance and is available on user/factory programmable custom frequencies between 425 MHz and 470 MHz.

The transmitter offers greater stability and improved performance due to its VCTCXO reference. The NTX2B provides users with the ability to dynamically re-program the module via a microcontroller UART to other channel frequencies in the band or store new frequency/power settings on EEPROM.

The standard NTX2B version is a 10 mW 25 kHz Narrow band Transmitter with data rates up to 10 kbps and is available on 434.075 MHz, 434.650 MHz European SRD frequencies and 25 mW on 458.700 MHz for the UK. The NTX2B is also available with 12.5 kHz or 20 kHz channel spacing for licensed US FCC Part 90 or legacy European Telemetry/Telecommand bands.

The NTX2B features an internal LDO voltage regulator which enables the transmitter to be operated down to 2.9V and up to 15V voltage supply at a nominal current consumption of 18 mA and less than 3 µA in power-down mode, which can be enabled within 5 msec. NTX2B can transmit both digital and 3V pk-pk analogue signals. Offering greater range than wideband modules, the transmitter can be paired with the NRX2B receiver for a usable range of over 500m, ideal for performance-critical low-power wireless applications including security, sensor networks, industrial/commercial telemetry and remote control.